A Brief Introduction to Politics

Politics is basically the study of the relationship between people or groups and the political institutions that shape their existence. This includes the political systems of various countries and organizations. Politics is commonly studied as a branch of public policy. Politics is normally a topic that is studied at universities. Politics has been called the study of government. It deals with the exercise of political power and institutions.

Politics is usually the study of how various political systems throughout the world develop and interact with one another. There are many theories that deal with politics. Some of the most famous are political science, political economy, constitutional government, international relations, political theory and the philosophy of politics. Politics can also be seen as a branch of psychology. It studies the attitudes, ideas, beliefs, choices and actions of individuals and groups towards a specific political system.

Politics is an important field of study due to the wide range of topics that it covers. The area of politics is vast and there are numerous interrelated fields that one may study. However, these areas of study all have to do with politics. In the broadest sense, politics can be seen as the study of human political institutions and the way these institutions interact with each other and the broader range of societal institutions and individuals.

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