An Overview of Politics


An Overview of Politics

Politics is the study of polities, or arrangements of political power in society, including the distribution of societal status or wealth, or the use of force to achieve political ends. The field of political science is also known as social science because of its focus on the analysis of political systems and institutions. There are political scientists who focus solely on the political processes and institutions, while others study the societal aspects of political life. There are also political philosophers who focus on the use of reason in politics, and the methods by which societies form and maintain political institutions.

Comparative Politics compares politics to other fields of study in order to identify similarities and differences. Comparative Politics usually examines political institutions with those of other fields, such as science or engineering. This helps to determine similarities and Differences between politics and other disciplines. In addition, comparative politics compares political philosophies, theories, and institutions. For instance, in comparative politics students analyze political theory, compare and contrast major philosophical traditions, and analyze how different countries and political systems form political institutions and how they function.

Politics also includes a number of sub-parts, including the following: The political system, which is the arrangement of rules and procedures for administering and governing the country; political parties, which are groups of people claiming a set of political rights and duties; political leaders, the political agents of a political party who seek to represent the interests of their constituents; public policy makers, who are the representatives of the state in overseeing the formulation and implementation of public policies; office holders, who hold various public offices and serve as the executive, judicial, legislature, and administrative officials of the country or nation; governants, who are appointed by the political leaders to carry out the policies of the government. Politics may also be divided further into two main parts, which are constitutional politics and colonial politics. Constitutional politics occurs within a country and the laws governing the constitution are derived from the constitution. Colonial politics, meanwhile, occurs outside of a country and the political systems established by former colonies are traceable to the history of those colonies.

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