Asia Politics – A Tricky Matter

Asia Politics

Asia Politics – A Tricky Matter

Asia has been a major player on the world political scene over the centuries. Since ancient times the countries in Asia have coexisted as one entity. Some cultures, such as the Chinese and Indian ones, have always had an uneasy peace with each other and have never been on good terms. However, recent events have caused the once friendly nations to band together against each other. There have been several cases of rebellion, such as the Boxer Rebellion in China in the nineteenth century. However, in the past decades, Asian nations have started looking out for each other once again, leading to political inter-slaves and the growing political awareness all over Asia.

Today, Asian economic growth is among the fastest in the world. The large international corporations have found that Asia offers them a lot of opportunities in terms of cheaper labor, lower cost of raw materials and a safer working environment. In fact, Asia has become a very important financial center for the whole world. In fact, over the last decade, Asian economies have grown faster than any other part of the world, except for the United States. Aside from this, the United States has been one of the largest contributors to the growth of Asia, giving it a huge boost in economic power and status.

Besides economic factors, Asia politics has also played a great role in determining the kind of international relations that will take place in the future. Although China and Japan tried to form an alliance early on, the two countries soon got to understand each other’s goals and decided to stick together no matter what. Taiwan, South Korea and even India are experiencing political turmoil right now, but these issues should not distract people from the fact that Asia is by far one of the most important and powerful regions of the world. Political power, economic development, natural resources, technology and culture – all these aspects are playing a great role in shaping the future of the Asian nations. Asia’s future is indeed a bright one.

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