Asia Politics – An Introduction

Asia politics is an important field of study which helps us to understand the internal political structures of countries in Asia as well as the wider international political environments. It is also used to explain political development that has taken place in Asia. Asia politics covers the political reality in Asia and its many geo-political areas, such as: China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Asia is a region with many different cultures and traditions and it is home to the largest continent. Asia’s economy is growing faster than any other area in the world and many governments want to promote economic growth in Asia to counterbalance the negative effects of the recession in the west.

Asian political leaders often find themselves caught between the desires of their people and the policies of their neighbors. The creation of the Asian economic colossus has been a result of cooperation among Asian countries through diplomatic and trade agreements. However, some countries are beginning to feel that they are being pushed into a corner and are trying to increase trade deficits by implementing protectionist measures at the regional and global levels. Some fear that the rising economic power of Asia will lead to increased political clout for some of these countries and that they will continue to compete with the US and other leading powers for the control of the resources in this region.

Asia politics is an interesting arena where many nations vie for influence. Many countries have become members of the International System, while others still strive to be part of the emerging world order. While China is the leading economic power in Asia, many other countries, such as India, are gaining on the strength of their respective economies. Both of these regions have become important in promoting global trade and creating political stability in world affairs. In Asia politics is playing an increasingly important role. This article provides an introduction to the complex and volatile region of Asia politics and opens the door for you to explore further with your online tutor.

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