Asian Politics

Asia politics is perhaps one of the most complex of all political systems in the world. There are many countries in Asia, with their own distinctive political system and social structure. The politics of Asia have been at the centre of interactions among countries for centuries. Today, the political system in Asia has undergone profound changes brought about by rapid economic development, immigration and interaction among people from different countries.

The politics of Asia normally centers around the major East Asian economic centers such as Japan, China, India, South Korea and Taiwan. The regional organizations that make up the Asian political scene are also highly political in nature with the major players being the European and American countries. Regional cooperation has made possible not only the political but also the economic growth of Asia at a time when globalization has been emerging as a prominent international trend.

Asia has emerged to be a major player in global politics with the rise of its regional organizations. The recent economic growth in Asia, coupled with the opening up of global markets for its export goods, has also given a strong boost to regional political structures. Asian people continue to look to the regional organizations for ways to develop themselves and become more economically strong. Regional cooperation, economic interdependence and political stability have all been helping Asian countries to achieve their goals of economic and political modernization. Regional organizations like the Asian Development Bank are playing an important role in this process.

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