Europe Politics

The politics of Europe mainly deals with the constantly changing political landscape of the continent of Europe. Europe as a continent has always been affected by various major political and socio-economic changes – from the time it was established as a political super-power over 500 years ago until now. It’s a very detailed topic more so than other such continents because of several reasons such as the long lasting historical influences of Europe, its geographic location and its population (which is always changing), as well as of course, the different political systems and parties existing in this region of the world.

This said, there are certain political topics that are covered in every single European country and the topic of Europe Politics is no exception. There are plenty of books published and articles written on this topic and it’s also not uncommon for there to be political seminars and workshops organized as well. A good example would be the “European Studies Association” – a non profit organization whose stated purpose is “to promote awareness of European Studies through education, research and political action.” Another important center for political thought in Europe would be the ” Academie Francaise de Sciences Politiques” – sometimes referred to as the “Feminine Institute.” This is an organization which aims to promote knowledge on the political aspects of Europe and its people.

Other topics covered in Europe Politics include: European history, fundamental rights, constitutional change and constitutional rule, the European Union, global warming, national identities, immigration and integration, alternative energy, national identities, terrorism, diplomacy, peace and security, consumer protection and protectionism, economy and globalization. These topics all deal with the politics of Europe and its evolution over the past few centuries. All these topics were written by scholars and experts from all over Europe and the US. In some instances, the book can be a rough or even a simplified version of the topic while in others the book itself covers every issue. Regardless of how one interprets the meaning behind each topic, Europe Politics as a set of ideas and concepts has been quite influential and powerful for those who have used it.

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