Europe Politics – The Players

Europe Politics

Europe Politics – The Players

Europe Politics is one of the most debated and complicated subjects in the world. The politics of Europe generally deals with the constantly changing political landscape of the continent of Europe. It’s also a much more detailed subject than many other worlds because of many reasons such as the many differences in culture, history, language, economy and boundaries among several countries.

It’s also a place where you can find people willing to be honest about their own shortcomings and at times help and support others by pointing out how they got into the situation they’re in. There is no one person who holds the entire blame for the current situation Europe is in but every country has a role to play. It is also true that there are some major powers that have been playing major roles in European politics since the medieval ages. At times, these major countries such as France, England, Russia, Germany and Italy have held the greatest clout in all of Europe and have had major influences on the political development and direction. The European Union however was created as an international organization and was later made up of countries from all across Europe.

The creation of the European Union created political stability as each member country would pool resources and effort to spend in common for purposes such as economic development and infrastructure development and protection from external threats such as terrorism and illegal immigration as well as natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Without Europe, many of these countries could not sustain the level of development they need and have fallen behind other developing countries. Without Europe to balance out these major geopolitical forces, Europe would quickly become one of the most densely populated areas in the world with millions of people crammed into one small corner.

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