European Politics – How It Works

Europe politics is a perplexing subject for people who have absolutely no background in international affairs and the workings of Europe as a political entity. In fact, a great many people have no idea what the Europeans are doing or why they do it and this often leads to very bad decisions being made by European governments regarding their respective populations. For example, many European governments have made historic mistakes in the past and have followed in the wrong footsteps in relation to the EU, leading to the creation of countless illegal immigrants across the continent. It seems as if these governments are so caught up in European politics that they have forgotten that they are responsible for their own actions and are totally out of touch with the rest of the world.

There is much that can be learned from Europe politics as a whole. The most important lesson to be learned here, however, is the fact that politics is a voting game and that the people in power to determine how that voting majority feels about a given issue. Without the consent of the governed, there can be no real governance in Europe. Without the consent of the governed, a government cannot spend its money in any way that it deems necessary. Without the permission of the governed, there can be no true prosperity within Europe or the rest of the world. Without the consent of the governed, there can be no real freedom.

Europeans have a long history of putting politics aside in order to focus on their national interests. Europeans have the highest per capita GDP growth among the industrialised countries of the world and they also enjoy a level of economic freedom that is unmatched by any other part of the developed world. Europe is not perfect, but it is far from ruined. With a little bit of luck and some wise decisions, Europeans can continue on the path that has already proven successful for them.

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