European Politics – Some Interesting Facts

Europe Politics

European Politics – Some Interesting Facts

The politics of Europe covers a broad subject with many aspects and each country involved in Europe politics has its own unique history, heritage, culture and people. It’s a very detailed subject as far as other continents because of several reasons such as the many countries involved in it, the historical differences among the countries and because of many events which have transpired in Europe in the past. Some events in European history have shaped the people living there today and some events have shaped Europe in the past and this article will show you how and why. Let’s start with a brief history lesson.

In the year 15aeus, Alexander the Great was born. He was just like other young men who loved to play in the sand, hunt for game and drink water from springs. This was probably his first exposure to politics and when he became king of the Persian Empire, he was no doubt also affected by European politics. When the Roman army came to fight the Persians in the war of the Persian Empire, they found that the Romans and their army was made up of almost a hundred thousand men and they were not a match for the Persian warriors who numbered nearly a hundred thousand.

After the war, the Roman citizens tried to make peace between the two countries but this was not very successful since the Roman citizens thought they should get something in return for helping the Romans defeat the Persians. So in order to repay the offer, they gathered all their belongings and transported them to Italy, where they formed the Roman Catholic Church. Another interesting part of European politics is the fact that after World War II the United States of America was led by a man that was influenced by European history, European philosophy and European architecture, and that man was Theodore Roosevelt.

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