European Politics – What Goes On In The Union?

Europe Politics

European Politics – What Goes On In The Union?

Europe Politics is perhaps the most interesting part of the European Union. Some say that it is because the rest of Europe does not understand Europe, or rather they don’t want to. The Eurozone is growing and its economy relies on European Central Bank lending money, which in turn needs the consent of all 27 EU member states. Without that consent, and by the way the European Treaties, the Treaties set out the rules and regulations for the functioning of the European Union, it is obvious that the European Union will cease to be a political entity in the future.

One cannot help noticing that the political leaders of some of the EU member states, look more like movie actors, rather than politicians. That is because they live in other parts of the world, while their political counterparts live and die in Europe. It is quite an odd spectacle indeed, but the reality is that politics plays a very important role in Europe. Europe as a country is very complex and we need to understand this. European politics is perhaps one of the few areas of science that has never been able to be fully explained.

This is because until very recently it was not possible to do science in Europe. Scientists had to travel to other countries for the data needed to describe and predict phenomena, such as climate change, and climate change. Now things are starting to change as scientists get access to more European databases, thanks to the European Union and its policies.

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