Politics – An Overview

Politics is the collection of activities which are related to the making decisions in societies, groups or other forms of political power relations between people, for the distribution of status or wealth, or both. The field of social science which studies politics and public administration are known as political science. Politics has many shades and faces but what unites all of them is the fact that politics is an ongoing activity. Politics is not a subject that can be researched in detail, like the study of any other subject, it is an ongoing activity that occurs at the surface and below the surface.

The political science majors will learn about many different topics that include the history and development of political systems, how political systems affect the economy, and how power and politics relate to each other. They will also learn about the different types of political systems currently in place in various countries. Students will also have the opportunity to observe how political systems are formed and how they affect the people who live in those political systems. The coursework for this class may cover constitutional systems, judicial politics, national government, international politics, economic theory, gender and power politics, and domestic politics.

Another important area of concentration for political science majors is the study of political parties and their role in politics. The political parties’ research offers insight into the motivation of political party members, the structure of party politics, the roles and responsibilities of different political party members, and the role of minorities in politics. Other areas of concentration will include the relationship between parties and the public’s trust and confidence in them. The research courses for this class may explore the relationship between public opinion and political parties, the use of media to influence public opinion, the impact of celebrity politics, and the impact of corruption on politics. There are many other options, if students wish to specialize in a specific political area of study.

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