Politics and the Public


Politics and the Public

Politics is the arrangement of actions that are characteristic of human groups, including government, or the distribution of political status or resources to individuals within communities. The major branch of Sociology that studies government and politics is known as public administration. In a democratic society, politics play an active role in determining the distribution of wealth, power, and influence among citizens. The political system and the various parties that are participating in it often have conflicting agendas, making it difficult for the citizens to recognise and agree on the rules that govern the political system. Politics also plays an important role in ensuring that societal problems, such as poverty, discrimination, and the like, are addressed effectively.

Politics is one of the three sciences that make up the field of sociology. Politics can be divided into several sub-disciplines, including public administration, political science, and psychology. Politics is typically a separate field from economics, but economics can be considered to have an influence on how politics is conducted, since some of the decisions made by political leaders have an effect on the economy. Public administration refers to the processes that governments go through to make laws and distribute public resources.

Besides the branches discussed above, there exist many other disciplines that study different facets of politics. Some of these include international politics, political philosophy, political science, and political economy. Some of these subjects include ancient philosophies such as classical liberalism, as well as more modern ones such as liberalism, socialism, communism, and Fascism. There are many books that scholars have written on each of these topics. In the end, politics and the public face serious consequences, so it is wise to be familiar with all the different strands of political science in order to be able to make educated guesses about what may happen next.

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