The Coursework of Europe Politics

European Politics is the study of politics in Europe. It is an academic degree that examine international political action, societal institutions, and the evolution of political theory across time and space. A student of this degree can expect to learn about such things as constitutional governments, major world events like World War II, the Cold War, and the spread of European cultural and social trends. Students of this degree also study the politics of European economic growth and development, national identities, international public policies, European history, the global economy, and political systems.

Students of Europe Politics will likely spend some of their time researching European history and world politics, reviewing primary sources on these topics. They may also choose to investigate current political developments around the world, such as the current situation with Iraq and Iran at the time of the Arab Spring uprisings. They will spend time studying the workings of government, foreign policy, diplomacy, and the media. The focus of this degree is the analysis of European politics, and a great deal of the coursework will be textbook readings, discussions, and case studies from all over Europe and the world. There will be a lot of writing, reading, and studying on the part of students.

Students of European politics will be prepared for work in politics, government, academia, or non-profit organization planning and development. These positions require unique skills, and candidates must be passionate about Europe and willing to put in many hours. The skills necessary for a successful position include strong written and oral communication, great people skill, good working attitude, and the ability to work within a team. Candidates should also have strong computer skills and be able to work well independently and as part of a large team.

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