A Short Overview of European Politics

Europe Politics is one of the major topics in every university and learning institution across the globe. In Europe, the term “Europe” implies far more than political borders. It also implies values, traditions, and history. Europe has one of the largest number of countries in the world and each country is able to maintain its own unique identity because of this diversity. The political system of Europe means that each country has a unique role in the overall functioning of Europe.

Parlogue is an important part of European Politics and it is where the governments of individual states gather together to make decisions. For example, in the case of the United Kingdom, a two-party system with the ruling party (PM), the opposition party (coalition) and the House of Commons, which are voted for by the people, make up the Parlogue. The purpose of the Parlogue is to hold a general election, which is then followed by another general election, which is held at the next appointed period of time.

Parlogue is formed to make laws that will govern the country. Some laws are made to protect the environment, animals, human rights, workers and various other aspects of public welfare. There are some laws that allow free trade and some that do not. Parlogue is formed every seven years and must be renewed before it can be renewed.

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