Do You Know About Asia Politics?

While much of the discussion of world affairs in the United States has been consumed by the Iraq war, Asia has been growing as an economic powerhouse and potential threat to American Interests. For years, China has been viewed as an economic basket case, but with the new growth rate of their economy the past few decades, they have shown a steady growth that has made many, including the American Business Leaders, to sit up and take notice. In fact, President Bush had a personal meeting with China’s president before he went to Iraq and talked about the economic strength of China and its willingness to help bolster the international community with its trade deals and other partnerships. This kind of support by a major Asian country, one which is rapidly turning into the largest economic powerhouse on earth, is definitely encouraging for the American Businessman.

It is hard to say if China can make the same impact on world Affairs as doing what President Bush did in Iraq, but it is certainly possible. After all, China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and is quickly becoming a major player not only on its own but with India, Japan, and Russia as well. Many believe if China is able to unify itself and grow as they have in the past few years that they can challenge the United States economically, but at the very same time, if they continue to antagonize the United States or our closest allies, then they will be playing in a very tough area. For now, however, the benefits of having so many economic ties with all of these different nations are too numerous to ignore.

The United States must realize that China is a major economic force and that without them; the global economy would cease to exist. They have an enormous impact on the world economy, and if they try to manipulate trade deals in order to gain an advantage or at the least stay competitive, then we have a serious problem on our hands. If China is not careful, then they could cause so many problems in the future that it will be impossible to ignore. Something must be done to keep them from doing this. Please consider this.

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