Europe Politics – A Quick Overview

The politics of Europe deals with all the constantly changing political politics within the entire continent of Europe. It’s a more in-depth subject than most other continents because of many reasons including the ongoing debt crisis, the threat posed by terrorism and climate change. There are various ways to explore this subject matter either by traveling to the different countries or getting yourself a good book that covers the subject matter. I recently read a book in which the author traveled to several European countries to cover the political scene there.

This book was called: “European Parlimentary.” In it, he described the various political parties, coalitions and members of assemblies that make up the European Parliament and the procedures followed by these parties in drawing up the rules governing the functioning of the European Union. Some of the topics included the Euro Parliament, the European Central Bank, the Venice Commission, the European Council, the European Stability Foundation and the European Medicines Agency among others. This book has a rather impressive pedigree, having been written by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Sir Winston Churchill and his son, General George.

The last two topics dealt with the European Constitution and the European Treaties and they were entitled: “constitutional reform and economic policy.” These two topics explored in detail how the EU is reformed overtime and what kind of institutions are put in place as the result of these reforms. They also took a look at the various treaties drawn up by the EU. Having read this book, I can only say that it is superb and you should definitely read it.

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