An Introduction to Politics


An Introduction to Politics

Politics is the study of political systems and leaders, particularly the distribution of power and position in various groups, such as government, groups of individuals or groups. The field of political science is also known as social science because it studies political systems and institutions, and the societal impacts of these systems and institutions on individual members. It is also concerned with the knowledge of politics as a public issue and the institutional arrangements that govern political activity. Politics is a broad field of study and includes many related fields such as: political science, political philosophy, and political sociology. The breadth of politics is greatly increased by the interdependence of politics with other disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, and economics.

Politics is a branch of science that has an interpretative structure which makes it important to advance political theory, and to find political science programs and scholarships. The most prominent areas of focus in political science are the philosophy of politics, the history of politics, the political systems of various countries and their social classifications, and the current political system of various countries. The main branches of political science are political science, social science, and political philosophy. Within each of these branches, there are numerous sub-disciplines. A few of the most prominent ones are political psychology, political science, and political philosophy.

Politics is also related to institutions such as states and universities. The major tasks of universities include education, research, service and community service. Politics and public policy have been recognized as important components of higher education. Students who have an interest in politics and public policy may pursue a career as faculty scholars, university professors, and/or government researchers. In contrast to the research oriented aspects of politics, the service oriented aspects of politics provide an opportunity for citizens to engage in the process of government, serving the public at large by way of the various public policies they promote.

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