Asia Politics

In this fast paced, always changing and highly competitive world, the study of Asia Politics can be one of the most rewarding endeavors. The study of International Relations, in particular Asia has much to offer prospective students who are interested in global affairs, diplomacy, and comparative analysis of all aspects of diplomacy. Asia is the most populous continent and contains all the emerging nations and great powers of the world. As a result Asia has a strong voice in the world and a major influence on world events.

Asia’s role in international affairs goes back centuries and is nothing new. For example during the earlier periods China was an important political and economic influence on the affairs of other nations. For example, during the reign of Kangxi (Kung Ho) in the 15th century, a war between China and Japan over territories claimed by the former resulted in the deaths of millions of Chinese and Japanese. Japan then in response sought to conquer Manchuria and all the lands west of the Yellow Sea – known as Manchuria in China – with the notable exception of Korea.

Today, there are numerous nations and states in which are highly influenced by China and have become major trading partners with the Asian giant. Besides exporting goods, China relies heavily on foreign direct investment (FDI) in various countries in Asia and its huge market. China’s powerful economy and a favorable currency (the Yuan) play a vital role in facilitating trade and investment with foreign countries in Asia. FDI in many countries such as India, Japan and Singapore have made these countries competitive in the global market.

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