Asia Politics – Why is it So Difficult?

Asia Politics

Asia Politics – Why is it So Difficult?

As far as human civilizations are concerned Asia has always been a center of political contention. The ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu once observed that all great nations begin with a strong economy but fade into insignificance after a while; it is similar to the way an orange or grapefruit will start out big but fade to nothing after a period of time. Today there are many nations rising to economic prosperity, however it is not only Asia that is experiencing this phenomenon. Western countries have also begun to experience economic growth, however in a different way that compared to Asia. Many nations such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Canada, and the United States are experiencing economic prosperity in different ways than China.

It should be noted that while the economic growth in these nations is causing political stability, this is not necessarily the case in Asia. Most Asian countries have experienced coups in the past and some have fallen completely out of government. The most notable of these coups was in Japan during the Second World War. Many of these nations have experienced brutal political repressions or mass demonstrations in the past, which have left many dead and even led to the death of their president. Many nations are still recovering from their political repressions and many more are in the process of it.

Today political rhetoric is at an all time high and this will continue until the political power of these countries is no longer able to control their economy. The process of globalization is taking place and this will affect all countries equally. However as long as globalization continues to happen one can expect political instability in some nations due to the impact of the free trade and open market economies. However as long as globalization continues to happen the economic influence of these nations will remain significant. As long as globalization continues to take place the political influence of these countries will be undeniable.

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