Europe Politics: The Inside Story

Europe Politics is a fascinating subject, and the study of European history since the fall of the Roman Empire and into the Napoleonic Era can be a great source of information for those interested in world politics or other matters. This book covers all of Europe’s politics during this period, with detailed notes and an analysis of the historical records. The focus of the book is the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte to power and dominance in Europe. The author does an excellent job of putting the many events into context and providing the reader with a sense of the era based upon its impact on Europe’s politics and society at that time.

The book starts with the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, followed by his consolidation of power with the Directory. The main topic then is how the Directory, supported by Napoleon Bonaparte, used their combined power to manipulate the government of Spain, raising Spain’s position at the negotiating table, and resulting in the eventual union with the Netherlands. The subsequent major political events were the Second World War, the consolidation of Germany under National Socialist ( Nazi) leader Adolphus IV, and the Italian invasion of Abyssinia. After that the focus switches to France, where the effects of World War II are still felt five decades later.

The book then takes a brief look at how the post-World War Two peace process has affected European politics, and the differing views held by countries concerning the terms of the peace. It then moves on to the political and social challenges that remain after the Peace of Rome, including: the spread of nuclear weapons, terrorism, the Eurozone crisis, the issues surrounding the European Union, and the potential dangers of a new arms race. The book closes with a short assessment of how Europe is handling the issues, and provides some advice on dealing with similar situations in the future. In my opinion this is a very helpful guide for anyone thinking about studying European history and politics. The author has done a great job of preparing this text for a students degree in European history, and is an interesting writer with a wealth of knowledge on European history and politics.

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