Eurozone Leaders – Are You Eligible to Leave the EU?

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Eurozone Leaders – Are You Eligible to Leave the EU?

When it comes to Europe Politics, the EU is considered as a successful enterprise. It has managed to successfully unite diverse nations by creating coalitions and acting as a common front against external threats such as terrorism and international money theft. Despite this fact, the European Union is slowly moving away from its historic mission of global cooperation and becoming more like a corporate State. This trend is most evident in the current Eurozone crisis, where member states are fighting to win over their fellow Europeans to stay within the union. As each nation considers itself as a key player in the Eurozone, national voters are divided between those who want to remain part of the EU and those who wish for the union to disintegrate.

When a nation no longer wishes to be part of the European Union, then it can choose to leave the club by joining another country that is currently a part of the EU. This scenario is currently playing out right now with Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal refusing to accept the bailout package from Brussels. These countries will require bailouts in order to stay in the European Union, and this may mean higher taxes for ordinary citizens as well as leaving the door wide open for political corruption. As long as Greeks and Spaniards vote against the bailout package, a Greek exit will be on the table, and a Portuguese exit will be possible if Portugal also decides to secede from the EU.

The lack of consensus among the members of the European Union is playing havoc with the political system of the Union. Even if Spain and Greece agree to bailout packages, they are not able to form a broad based government which can withstand the short term hit that high taxes will take on the economy. For the sake of the EU, it needs to do something to re-ignite its citizens to once again participate in the political system of the EU. If the citizens of some nations feel that the EU has no real interest in keeping them inside the fold, then the union will lose its legitimacy, and it will fail before it even tries.

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