Politics And Election

Politics is the group of political actions that involve making political decisions in relation to groups, or political authority relations among individuals, like the distribution of property or status amongst individuals. The field of political science is also known as social science because it studies politics and government. This study aims at providing general knowledge about the political system of a particular country as well as about various countries and political parties. In some countries, political parties are created for different purposes. These parties are then allowed to contest for public office by participating in national elections. Politics also involves the study of different constitutional changes that are required in order to allow representatives of various political parties to take up different offices.

There are various political parties that have been formed for different purposes like different ethnic groups, religious groups, nationalities, classes and nations. These parties may not have agreed on certain principles for their platform. But politics is believed to be related to the distribution of power and wealth, which is based on the distribution of influence among some individuals or group of individuals. Politics also involves the manipulation of forces within the polity, particularly the ruling party that controls the national parliament and its leadership, and some elements of the opposition parties that attempt to overthrow the ruling party. Politics is usually studied in four main areas.

First area is the development of legislation and administrative law. Law governs how laws are made in the constitution and national institutions, which includes both the federal and state parliaments. Second area is the conduct of politics at the national and state levels, especially in the lower house of the parliament and the national government. Third area is the election of representatives in the lower house of the parliament and national government and campaigning for these elections.

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