Asia Politics – Managing Trade, International Relations, and Security

Asia’s politics is a fascinating study in contrasts. Asia’s governments are often weak, small, short lived, corrupt, lacking in accountability, and at times backing radical groups. On the other hand, neighboring countries like China are powerful economic tigers, aggressive expansionist neighbors, and major buyers of American goods and services. A recent study by the Stimulus Package Task Force identified thirty-nine countries around the world with critical economic issues. These included high unemployment rates, excessive savings, limited domestic investment, weak institutions, lack of trust in financial markets, porous borders, and ineffective governance.

When it comes to international relations, Asia has a long history of involvement in diplomacy. Over the course of time, Asian countries have been involved in every war that America has fought in. They also play an important role as a trading partner, a major provider of loans and infrastructure assistance, and a source of labor. Today, many of these nations are members of the New Asia Group, an organization committed to promoting economic globalization through sustainable globalization. The political system of Asia has changed drastically over the years, with new governments coming into being and old ones expanding and changing their political system to incorporate a more Western model. The rapidly aging Asian population is also a huge factor when it comes to examining Asian politics.

As the globalization debate continues to rage, the United States should be prepared to deal with the tremendous problems that the region faces. If the United States and its Asian partners are not ready to deal with this issue, the future of globalization could be severely compromised. The first thing that the United States needs to do is recognize that the economic future of Asia is tied to the health of its overall economy. If the region’s governments cannot handle the reforms necessary to enhance competitiveness, they will fail. If they fail, the rest of the world will suffer.

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