Politics and Public Administration

Politics is the collection of political activities which are related to making decisions within societies, groups, or various types of political power relationships between individuals, for the allocation of status or wealth, or both. The field of politics is also known as public economics. Politics is a subject of study that has an enormous range of applications from broad social policy issues to more narrow issues of interest to a particular group or party. The branches of modern political science are political science, social science, psychology, and sociology.

Some of the most famous areas of research in politics are political science, public policy, and public administration. Public administration deals with managing the common good by affecting decision makers in various settings; for example, the use of public funds, taxation, and public health. Public policy is the general scope of governmental activity directed towards the regulation of public life including policies directed toward economic development, political stability, and environmental protection.

There are many professional journals in the field of politics and public administration, and there are many popular reference works on this topic. The political science major prepares students to be successful politicians, public administrators, or judges. Politics is a constantly changing area of world politics, and it requires knowledge and skill not only of the past, but also of the present. Studying world politics in high school and college will prepare a student for a lifetime of work in politics.

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