The Topic of Europe Politics

Europe Politics is one of the most interesting topics in all of academia. The politics of Europe basically deals with the constantly changing politics within the entire continent of Europe. It’s a much more detailed subject than many other continents because of several reasons such as the long standing historical baggage of the Romans and the influence of Napoleon Bonaparte. However, it’s an essential topic for those who want to become academics and write on the topic as it influences every aspect of European society today.

First of all, it’s interesting because we have a lot of parliaments in Europe and each one represents a different political party. Although there are major parties in charge of the governments of many countries, there are also many smaller parties which hold a number of seats in the lower house of the parliament. The governing parties in these countries hold most of the seats and it is normally an unstable alliance between the left and right wing which often changes with each general election held.

The most important part of politics is the legislative process which allows any laws to be passed by the parliament. This process varies greatly throughout Europe and even within countries. In some countries, the parliaments allow a direct election of members but the others require a list of candidates first approved by the voters before any member may stand for a general election. The list of members must be approved by a majority of votes received by the electorate before a member can stand for election.

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